When It Comes To Wedding Gift-Giving Many People Don’t Get It

This article is meant for self-professed bad gift givers.

It’s one of the tasks wedding guests just agonize over – the gifts. It may be hard to find the perfect gift that suits everyone, but can be a great form of self expression. Unfortunately, brides (and grooms) have to suck it up sometimes when their big day means a gifted kitschy painting of unicorns, $10 dish rack (although you dry your dishes in a dishwasher!), or a book on improving your sex life.

I mean no offense, but what were you thinking? Or better yet, were you thinking at all? If you could only see through fake smiles and polite comments, you’d know just how the happy couple really feels about your gift.

No one expects you to break a bank. But edible underwear bra & panty set? A dollar-store matching heart-shaped coffee mugs with price tag still attached?

Spa treatment for two, private pole dancing lessons, aromatherapy basket – these are all wedding gift ideas to think about. If you want to splash out on a gift for a special someone, how about buying a coffee table with an eco-friendly fireplace?