Would You Dear to Wear a Black Wedding Dress?

It seems to me that many brides have been choosing a little bit less traditional styles for their big day. Just remember Gwen Stefani’s pink and white wedding dress, or Dita Von Teese’s purple ball gown (like that came as a surprise). Don’t get me wrong, pink and purple are girly colors, so I can understand Gwen’s and Dita’s less conservative choices. But what about black wedding dresses?

Some fashion bloggers say that the Vera Wang Fall 2012 Collection is, “So modern, so unexpected, so so so pretty.” (Lindsey Unterberger from Glamour.com). I wouldn’t call it modern, or unexpected, let alone pretty; I would call it artistic freedom, or a hint of madness.

But not all is black. You can wear these dresses as ball gowns for fancy dress-up parties. Decadent, seductive and full of posh details, each and every dress from Vera Wang’s 2012 collection has a vintage flair that will make you feel like a Dracula’s bride.

I’m eager to find out what you think of these dresses, so sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Would You Dear to Wear a Black Wedding Dress?”

  1. Yes! But I would also make sure that my dress matched the celebration. I’m thinking an elopement or city hall ceremony followed by a low-key art gallery or modern restaurant reception would lend itself nicely to a black dress wedding.

    1. Alternative art gallery… Sounds interesting. As a matter of fact, I got married in a restaurant, which is also a small art gallery which displays paintings of local artists.

  2. I’m gettin married next year February and I am gettin married in a black dress I wouldn’t hav it an other way

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