Fun Wedding Dresses for the Bold and the Beautiful

Balloon wedding dresses are definitely not a smart idea. Let’s face it – absolutely nothing can make a big day a complete disaster than one of these dresses. Even though they aren’t actually as bizarre as some models I have seen so far, for example the Mathew Reading dress, having in mind the fact that they could pop at any time they’re definitely one of the more daring choices. However, there’s one advantage – no expensive dry cleaning bill after the wedding.

Designed from different balloon sizes (naturally – all in white), these dresses are as wide-ranging in designs as traditional gowns are. From lace-like details and strapless bodices all the way to mermaid skirts, they’ll most likely appeal to Lady Gaga fans. And it seems that this concept is not as unique as you would think – you can find a whole gallery of finery made from balloons online. If only Jennifer Lopez worn one on her wedding, because sometimes what starts as a disaster ends up getting better and not worse.

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  1. I’ve heard of party brides, but honestly who’d wear a dress made out of balloons to their own wedding? The symbolism of a popped balloon would be tragic–nonetheless I’m sure we’ll find these treasures in MOMA soon . . .

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