Star Wars Inspired Wedding Boutonnieres

With the Star Wars inspired Stormtrooper boutonnieres Kristy Lynn makes having your big day funky and unusual. What’s more, they can even be worn at a prom or basically any ceremonial event which specifically calls for formal dress. The designer also made a Stormtrooper boutonnière for her hubby, and they entered their wedding reception while the Imperial March was playing. She posted a tutorial online ( showing the rest of us mortals how to make these cool garlands.

For those of you who want to make them, you will only need several things, such as a glue gun, garlands pins, flowers and Star Wars plastic rings – you can actually get these at any cake shop. In case you have any rings left over from the DIY project, you can even make a bracelet or save it for some future DIY projects. Nerd-stylish is definitely here to stay and the Stormtrooper garlands are just great for young couples who wish to spice up their wedding while staying true to their inner geek.

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